Jim Bob's ***Wild Card Weekend Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selection***
January 6th, 2018

Week 17 went very much like I thought it would.  The bad news is we had a worse case scenario 2-2 for my 4 way virtual tie of highest data points selections.  The good news was I was 2-0 for Medium Data Point selections and this wasn't the first undefeated week in that category. 
I'm running an 81% win rate in Medium Data Point selections based on the final 5 weeks of the season, so just like a strong playoff team I go into the Wild Card week with a lot of momentum! 
Even though it may be tempting to hop on the Medium Data Points bandwagon I still say the math says you are smartest to play all five selections this week in equal amounts (that's a lot of viable plays for a playoff weekend).  Please read my 7 commandments blog if you have not already.
As of last week:
  • Highest Data Point/Highest Percentage Selection 4-4
  • Highest Data Points Selections (all) 5-6
  • Medium Data Points Selections 17-4
Overall Win Rate 69%(!)

***Wild Card Weekend Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selection***

  • L.A. Rams/Atlanta UNDER 48.5 68%
Also in the Highest Data Points category:
  • New Orleans/Carolina UNDER 48 66%
Medium Data Points:
  • Tennessee +8.5 at Kansas City 73%
  • New Orleans -7 hosting Carolina 68%
  • Jacksonville/Buffalo OVER 39.5 65%
All the best to you!  See you next week for the divisional round, and drop me a message below and let me know what you think of these plays or who you are pulling for in the playoffs!  I know I'm excited!  -Jim Bob
Jim Bob
January 12th, 2018 9:48 pm
Loren I owe you an apology. Thanks for the excellent question. I did not realize you had posted a comment last weekend and I left you hanging. Things have been crazy busy for me and I do sincerely apologize.

To address your question I honestly would have said The highest data points call of UNDER is your better bet because the picks using the records are best used as confirmation, not stand alone selections because they have only succeeded about 50% of the time. You can see I would have been wrong, though. However, the other way you could see this is that BECAUSE of the contradiction, it was also an appropriate response to lay off this play altogether. I'm very sorry for such a terribly tardy response but I will watch this weekend to make sure I am responding sooner. Hope you bring a question or comment again soon my friend!

With great apology.... - Jim Bob
January 6th, 2018 12:37 pm
I’m see that you have opposing predictions. Which one is more apt to be correct?

Wild Card Playoff Weekend Over/Under Selections

New Orleans (9-7)/Carolina (8-7) OVER 48.5E

Also in the Highest Data Points category:
New Orleans/Carolina UNDER 48 66%
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