***Jim Bob's Divisional Weekend Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selections***
January 13th, 2018

This week I will cheat a little and give you the results of the ats record and o/u record selections, because this week there is NONE of these selections.
Last week:
Against the Spread 0-1 (Total to Date 4-5-1)
Over/Under 1-0 (Total to Date 9-4)  This was clearly the bright spot so far this year using this method.
Last week there were some great games and even Marcus Mariota threw himself a pass in a flat-out UNBELIEVABLE play!  If you missed it, it was certainly one for the ages honestly.  He will need that same magic or even more to beat the Patriots.  Sorry Patriots fans, but I would love to see this underdog pull it off.  May the best team win.  I would also love to see Jacksonville pull a shocker against the Steelers.  However, I will be disappointed if the mighty Vikings do not shut down the Saints high flying offense.  No disrespect to the Saints intended, but I love watching a great defense do its magic.  For many years my mantra has been that defense CAN get you to the big game, it's just that your offense will have to win the big one for you.  We will see how this amazing season plays out this weekend!  I'm beyond excited!
As of last week:
Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selection 5-4
Highest Data Points Selections  6-7
Medium Data Points Selections  18-6 (75% Win Rate!)


***Divisional Weekend Highest Data Points/Highest Percentage Selections***
  • Pittsburgh -7 hosting Jacksonville  66%
Medium Data Points Selections
  • Pittsburgh/Jacksonville UNDER 41  78%
I pointed out that your best play last week was to play on ALL picks (there were 5).  The highest data points/highest percentage play nailed it last week.  All 5 picks went 2-3.  The medium data points went 1-2,  My advice stunk.  LOL However, I warned about jumping on just the Medium Data Points bandwagon and about that I was right.  So....what is the best move this week based on these two picks?  Here is my advice.  Based on my top selection having a record of 5-4 and the fact that we won last week with this pick, I would have to say DON'T go with this as a single pick.  My first instinct is to go with the rebound theory and say the 75% overall and losing week last week for medium data picks says to play just this pick this week (the UNDER).  If you would rather spread out the money and not be on just a single play then play them both.  In that order of preference, that's my advice.  See you for the championship weekend!  Go Titans, Jags, and Vikes!
All the best to you!  - Jim Bob 
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